Question: Do I Need Email Advising or a Zoom Office Hours Meeting?

(1) If you need to request permission for class registration, use Email Advising.
(2) If you need to need to discuss options, download the requirements (See 2. A-D below), then go to the Zoom Office Hours.
(3) If you need permission to repeat a course, please use Email Advising.

Accounting Advising for Fall 2021

Email Advising

  • The accounting undergrad advising email address is .
    1. Please include your Hunter ID # in the subject line of all emails.
    2. Please state the reason you need help from an advisor; include a screenshot of any error messages to help explain your issue.
    3. Advising emails will be answered by Phyllis Eisenberg.

Zoom Office Hours Meetings

The Fall 2021 advising hours are Zoom walk-in office hours.
1. No appointment is necessary.
2. Click on the Zoom link, and wait in the waiting room until your turn.

Days AvailableAdvising HoursAdvisorLocation
Tuesdays4:00 PM–7:00 PMPhyllis EisenbergWalk-in Zoom advising
Password: 414652
Wednesdays4:30 PM–6:30 PMPhyllis EisenbergHW 1529
Thursdays11:00 AM–2:00 PMPhyllis Eisenberg

Zoom advising by appointment only
Schedule via EAB Navigate


How Should You Prepare for Zoom Office Hours?

1. Do you know your major declaration date? If not, you can obtain this information in any of the following ways:

    • Option #1: Log into CUNY First, request your unofficial transcript (it takes a few seconds), and look for the semester heading with your major declared (in bold),
    • Option #2: Log into EAB Navigate; in some cases, the “Major History” shows the semester you declared the major,
    • Option #3: Log into Degreeworks, scroll to the “Major in Accounting” blue heading (8th blue heading), and the Catalog Year will show the school year you declared the major.

2. Have you reviewed the “Requirements for Hunter Students Declaring the Accounting Major” for your specific declaration date? This is also listed in Degreeworks.

   A. Requirements Prior to Fall 2016 
   B. Requirements From Fall 2016 to Summer 2018
   C. Requirements From Fall 2018 to Spring 2019 
   D. Requirements From Summer 2019 to present

3. Make a list of questions for your Zoom Office Hours meeting.

  • Consult the Hunter website to see if any relevant information is available.
  • Since some issues may require your advisor to look into, consider sending the questions to the advisor ahead of the appointment; this allows the advisor to make inquiries, if necessary. 
  • Take notes during your meeting so that you can follow-up on any outstanding questions.

4. Have you completed the following 3 sequences of classes? (For Those Declaring Summer 2019 to Present; All Others Should Consult the Requirements in 2. Above)
   (1) MATH 10100. (This is required for ECO 20000, ECO 20100, and MATH 12550.)
   (2) ECO 10000. (After ECO 10000 and MATH 10100, take ECO 20000).
   (3) ACC 27100. (After completing the sequence ACC 27100, ACC 27200, and ACCP 37100, take the next group of classes together: ACCP 372000, 37300, and ACCP 37400.

5. What accounting classes should I take (and in what order)?
     (1) These three classes must be taken one per semester over three semesters (sequentially) and passed with a C or better:
        – ACC 27100 – Accounting I,
        – ACC 27200 – Accounting II,
        – ACCP 37100 – Intermediate Accounting I

     (2) After completing the three courses above, you can take the following three classes simultaneously:
        – ACCP 37200 – Intermediate Accounting II (passed with a C or better),
        – ACCP 37300 – Federal Income Taxation (passed with a C or better),
        – ACCP 37400 – Managerial Accounting / Cost Accounting.

     (3) After completing ACCP 37200, you can take the following classes simultaneously:
         – ACCP 47100 – Advanced Accounting I (passed with C or better if taken before ACCP 47500),
         – ACCP 47200 – Advanced Accounting II,
         – ACCP 47500 – Auditing (passed with C or better if taken before ACCP 49000; ACCP 47100 is co- or pre-requisite),
         – ACCP 49000 – Accounting and Auditing Research (ACCP 47500 is co- or pre-requisite).

6. For information about repeating a course
, see the catalog here.

7. More tips are coming soon!

To Declare A Major:
(1) Read the requirements here.
(2) Go to the Major page here, and under “How to declare your major”, click the form link under 1.
(3) Login to the Qualtrics page with your Hunter Net ID and password.