Department of Economics and Accounting, Hunter West 15th Floor

The Hunter College Department of Economics and Accounting has undergraduate and graduate programs in economics. Click below for more information.

What is Economics About?

  • Economics deals with how best to use scarce resources to satisfy unlimited needs and wants.
  • While economists do not claim to have the answer to what people should want, they do have something to say about how to get it.
  • Economics is more about how to think than what to think.

What Do Economics Students Learn?

  • The economics curriculum stresses:
    • the development of general problem-solving skills,
    • finding, gathering and interpreting information,
    • evaluating alternative courses of action, and
    • analyzing the management of resources in both the public and private sectors.
  • At the same time, economics students learn about the institutions and rules that shape daily life:
    • the monetary system,
    • the stock and bond markets, and
    • the regulatory system that mandates warning labels on cigarette packs and seat belts in automobiles.

What Can I Do with an Economics Major?

  • A major in economics is valuable for those who plan careers in finance, management, law, journalism, or public policy, such as in:
    • government, either in research or policy-making positions,
    • businesses, financial institutions, labor unions, trade associations and consulting firms, and
    • teaching and research in colleges and universities.
  • While an undergraduate major in economics does not lead directly to professional accreditation, it provides students with a set of skills that will be useful in almost any path taken.

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