Are you interested in a career in accounting?

When to Elect the First Accounting Course

To assure completion of the B.S. in Accounting degree program within four years, we suggest taking the first accounting course sequence in the upper (or second) freshman semester, (and no later than the lower or first sophomore semester).

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Examination

  • Hunter Accounting Majors should consider obtaining their C.P.A. license, which requires:
    • passing the C.P.A. exam,
    • coursework specific to the state the exam is held in, and
    • experience working in public accounting.
  • Hunter’s B.S. in Accounting fulfills the educational requirements for the C.P.A. exam in New York State.
  • For more information, see the:

Majors in Other Departments That Want to Take Accounting Courses

  • Many students majoring in other disciplines, such as art, music, history, political science, English, and computer science, may want to take accounting as an element of a general education.
  • These students are usually advised to start with the introductory accounting courses ACC 271 and ACC 272.
  • For non-majors, the accounting course credits are usually applied either as a minor (towards the B.A. degree) or elective.