faculty_mitsudomeAssociate Professor
Ph.D. Accounting, Baruch College, 2000
Fields:    Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation
Office:    HW 1520
Voice:    (212)772-5430
Fax:       212-772-5398
Email:  toshiaki.mitsudome@hunter.cuny.edu


The Relation Between Changes in CEO Compensation and Firm Performance: A Japanese/American Comparison

(with Lee-Seok Hwang, and Joseph Weintrop)
Journal of the Japanese and World Economies, 2008

Corporate Governance, Top Executive Compensation and Firm performance in Japan
(with Sudipta Basu, Lee-Seok Hwang, and Joseph Weintrop)
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 2007

Timeliness and Conservatism of Taiwanese Earnings
(with Sudipta Basu, Alex Yuan-Fu Huang, and Joseph Weintrop)
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2005

Merchandise Trading Activities with Stock Indexes: Empirical Evidence From the U.S. vs. S. Korea and Japan during the Pre-and the Post-Asian Financial Crisis
(with John Kim and J. K. Yun)
National Accounting Journal, 2004

Working Papers

Corporate Governance and Top Executive Compensation: Evidence from Japanese Firms