Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Columbia University, 2015
Fields: Health Economics, Econometrics
Office:  HW 1534
Phone: 212-772-5544
Fax: 212-772-5398
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Jessica Van Parys is an empirical microeconomist specializing in health economics. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in econometrics and an undergraduate course in health economics.


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Working Papers

Primary Care Physician Practice Styles and Patient Care: Evidence from Physician Exits in Medicare (with Itzik Fadlon)

The Long-Run Effects of Mandated Medicaid Managed Care on Health Care Utilization

Practice Environment and the Evolution of Clinical Capability: A Decade of Evidence from a Cohort of Newly Certified Internal Medicine Physicians (with Weifeng Weng, Jonathan Skinner, Brenda Sirovich, and Rebecca Lipner)

All Politics is Local: Evidence from Foreclosures and Political Participation

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