Associate Professor:

Ph.D. Economics, University of Rochester 2021

Fields:    International Trade, International Development
Office:    HW 1535
Phone:   (212) 772-5399



Professor Khederlarian is a trade economist and macroeconomist and his research focuses on the response of trade to past, present and future trade policy with a special emphasis on expectations and uncertainty. He also studies the aggregate effects of supply-chain disruptions accounting for delays and the role of inventories. Armen received his PhD in Economics from the University of Rochester and previously obtained a Master in International Trade, Development and Finance from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

How does trade respond to anticipated tariff changes? Evidence from NAFTA” (with Shafaat Khan) Journal of International Economics, Vol 133, 2021.
The aggregate effects of global and local supply chain disruptions: 2020–2022” ((with George Alessandria, Carter Mix, Shafaat Khan and Kim Ruhl) Journal of International Economics.