Four Hunter students presented their work at the 92nd Annual Southern Economic Association in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 19-21, 2022.

PhD student, Chuxin Liu, presented her research paper “Climate Change and the Widening Racial Gap in Severe Maternal Mortality”.

PhD student, Ke Zeng, presented his research paper ““Practice-style Spillovers in Hospital Care: Evidence From Lower Extremity Joint Replacement Surgery & The Effects of Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) Reduction Program on Patient Outcomes”.

BA/MA student, Azka Imran, presented her research paper “The Effects of Access to Safe Abortion Methods on Women’s Health, Employment, and Education”. Her paper examines the effect of access to safe abortion methods and care on women’s health, employment, and educational outcomes.

BA/MA student, Mohamed Benaymine, presented his paper on “The Impact of Retroactive Eligibility Waivers on Insurance Status and Health Behaviors”.

Chuxin Liu, Ke Zeng, Mohaned Benaymine, and Azka Imran are all supervised by Dr. Partha Deb in the Economics Department.