Three Hunter students presented their work at the 86th Annual Meeting held by the Midwest Economics Association (MEA) in Minneapolis, MN during March 2022.

PhD student Chuxin Liu presented her research paper “Extreme Temperature and Maternal Health” in the “Maternal Support, Fertility, and Children” session. Her paper studies heterogenous effects of exposure to extreme temperatures during pregnancy on maternal health outcomes during childbirth.

PhD student Ke Zeng presented his research paper “Practice-Style Spillovers in Hospital Care: Evidence from Lower Extremity Joint Replacement Surgery” in the “Incentivizing Health Care Providers” session. His paper studies the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) payment model, with a focus on the spillover effects on non-Medicare patients.

BA/MA student Azka Imran presented her research paper “The Effects of Access to Safe Abortion Methods on Women’s Health, Employment, and Education” in the “UG: Health, Education, Welfare” session. Her paper examines the effect of access to safe abortion methods and care on women’s health, employment, and educational outcomes.

Chuxin Liu, Ke Zeng, and Azka Imran are all supervised by Dr. Partha Deb in the Economics Department.

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