“Summer 2020 will present college students with unique opportunities to fast-track their education, advance in their major fields of study, or take one of those electives they never had time to schedule,” -President Jennifer J. Raab, April 16, 2020.

What are your plans for Summer 2020?  Have you ever considered:
1. taking a class that you’ve always wanted but never “had time for”?
2. enrolling in a class that would help you “get ahead” for graduation?, or
3. re-taking a class you had to drop in the past?

Well, Summer 2020 is the best time to take a course, for whatever reason!
And, since these course are FULLY ONLINE, you don’t even need to leave your home!

This summer, we, the Hunter Department of Economics and Accounting, are offering the following six new courses (with the full listing below the description):

1. ECO 29562-01 (12887) (6w1) (M,T,W,Th, 9:50-11:24 a.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Economics in Narrative Film”, Instructor: Ty Turley
Description: If you ask any economist, they will insist that economics is everywhere in our lives, and it is very useful for understand how and why people do what they do. Narrative film does something similar. It focuses a microscope on our behavior and allows us to see the human condition in a new light. This course uses films from all over the world as examples of human behavior to illustrate foundational economic concepts such as trade-offs made under scarcity. This course is intended for economics majors to better appreciate the humanistic side of their discipline and for artists and others to find a way into a powerful tool for solving social problems.  Professor Ty Turley, a PhD economist and filmmaker, will teach this course.
Prerequisites: ECO 100 or equivalent introductory economics course, or by permission (we welcome all those who can learn fast and are highly motivated).

2. ECO 29551-01 (12888) (6W1) (M,T,W,Th, 11:40 a.m.-1:14 p.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Economic Inequality”, Instructor: Ty Turley
Description: Inequality is seen as an increasingly important driver of many of the social and economic problems we face in the 21st century. Students will learn to define and measure inequality. Students will learn how inequality is related to gender, race, labor supply, and intergenerational mobility. Students will discuss ways in which income inequality can be reduced. This course is intended for economics majors to understand current research in the economics on inequality but students in public policy and other disciplines will find it useful as well. Professor Ty Turley, a PhD economist and filmmaker, will teach this course.
Prerequisites: ECO 300 or ECO 301 or equivalent intermediate economics course and ECO 221 (or equivalent statistics course) or by permission.

3. ECO 79527-01 (12890) (6W1) (M,Th, 5:30-7:50 p.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Data Analytics and Research Methods”, Instructor: Ken McLaughlin
Description: Data analytics and empirical research methods skills are the key to being competitive in the high wage, high skill marketplace. Students will learn modern computer-based data analytics skills and develop skills in communicating economic research in writing.  This course is intended for MA students in Economics and graduate students in other social science disciplines. Prof. Ken McLaughlin, PhD in Economics, will teach this course.
Prerequisites: ECO 701 and ECO 721 or by permission.

4. ACC 22500-01 (12889) (M,T,W,Th, 5:45-7:19 p.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Survey of Accounting”, Instructor: Phyllis Eisenberg
Description: Take the fear out of financial data! Whether you work for a big company or a start-up, the government or a dance company, accounting helps organizations make better decisions. What happens to the money that comes in? Where does it all go? Why are profits not the same as cash, and why does that matter? How can I show others that my business is worth investing in? This course is designed for students from any major, and counts towards Hunter’s Business Certificate and Hunter’s Arts Management & Leadership Certificate.

5. ACCP 36700-01 (12892) (T,Th, 6:40-9:48 p.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Analysis-Financial Statements”, Instructor: Toshi Mitsudome
Description: Want to learn how to read “between the lines” for corporate financials? Want exposure to financial statements and reporting? Planning to be a CFA? Students will learn the fundamentals of financial statements as well as about the accounting standard-setting environment. Students will develop skills in critical reading and analyzing corporations’ financials, credit analysis, and equity valuation, as well as forecasting models and techniques. This course is designed for accounting and non-accounting majors with some background in accounting, especially for those who aspire to pursue careers as financial analysts. Professor Toshi Mitsudome, PhD in Accounting, CFA and CFP, will teach this course.
Prerequisite: Basic course in financial accounting, equivalent to ACC271 or ACC225, or by permission.

6. ECO 79567-01 (12891) (T,Th, 6:40-9:48 p.m. 5/26/20-7/6/20) “Topics in Applied Finance”, Instructor: Toshi Mitsudome
Financial analyst and corporate accountants need a deep understanding of the fundamental tools and techniques in financial statement analysis. They need to understand employee compensation, multinational operations, as well as financial reporting quality. This course is designed for graduate students in accounting and finance, especially those who desire to learn how to retrieve and analyze data from financial databases and conduct comprehensive financial statement analyses. Professor Toshi Mitsudome, PhD in Accounting, CFA and CFP will teach this course.
Prerequisite: by permission.

Summer 2020 Courses are as follows:

Summer I (5/26/20-7/6/20)
Course Course Name Days Times Instructor
ACC 22500 Survey of Accounting M,T,W,Th 5:45 p.m.-7:10 p.m. Phyllis Eisenberg
ACC 27100 Accounting I M,W 3:20 p.m.-6:25 p.m. David Cohen
ACCP 36700 Analysis of Financial Statements T,Th 6:40 p.m.-9:48 p.m. Toshiaki Mitsudome
ACCP 37400 Managerial Accounting M,W 6:40 p.m.-9:48 p.m. Toshiaki Mitsudome
ECO 10000 Introduction to Economics M,T,W,Th 9:50 a.m.-11:24 a.m. Bipasha Chatterjeee
ECO 22100 Economic Statistics M,T,W,Th 6:00 p.m.-7:53 p.m. Rubaiyat Tasnim
ECO 29551 Economic Inequality M,T,W,Th 11:40 a.m.-1:14 p.m. Ty Turley
ECO 29562 Economics in Narrative Film M,T,W,Th 9:50 a.m.-11:24 a.m. Ty Turley
ECO 36500 Corporate Finance M,T,W,Th 5:45 p.m.-7:10 p.m. Henry Ma
ECO 49700 Business Studies Capstone TBA
ECO 49800 Internship-Economics/Accounting TBA
Summer I & II (5/26/20-8/10/20)
Course Course Name Days Times Instructor
ECO 30000 Intermediate Microeconomics M,W 3:20 p.m.-6:25 p.m. Nathaniel Wright
ECO 30100 Intermediate Macroeconomics T,Th 5:45 p.m.-7:29 p.m. Prabuddha Ghosh
ECO 32100 Introduction to Econometrics M,W 5:45 p.m.-7:29 p.m. Richard Nugent
Summer II (7/13/20-8/13/20)
Course Course Name Days Times Instructor
ACCP 37300 Federal Income Taxation M,T,W,Th 6:00 p.m.-7:53 p.m. Avi Liveson
ACCP 38000 Business Law 2 M,T,W,Th 10:00 a.m.-11:53 a.m. Christopher Jones