News About Internships!

  • Back in the Summer of 2019 (before coronavirus), four Hunter students got internships with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).  Read about their stories here.

General Information

The internship program provides students with an opportunity to explore and gain experience in their field of interest, experience the process of searching and applying for a position, practice building professional networks, and earn academic credit by working in a responsible position in a professional institution (i.e., private firms, government agencies, and not-for-profit institutions). In a true internship, real responsibility provides a hands-on feel for a particular position in a student’s field of interest.Having an internship may give students an advantage when searching for their first job after graduation. Nearly all employers participating in the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook Survey of 2015 said that they prefer to hire candidates who have relevant work experience. In 2015, sixty-five percent of those graduating with a bachelor’s degree participated in an internship. Read more on the statistical advantages of holding a paid or unpaid internship here at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACEWEB).

The internship position must provide an opportunity to learn about some area of economics, accounting, business or related public policy. The internship is a one-credit course (ECO 498) open to qualified Economics or Accounting majors, upper Junior/Senior only. In order to register for ECO498, you must obtain permission from the Internship Advisor, Prof. Vivette Ancona (

Internship Course Requirements include the following:

From the Student:

  1. One three-page paper mid-way through the semester describing your initial assignments.
  2. One seven-to-ten page final paper summarizing your internship experience and including an assessment of the internship and whether or not you would recommend this internship to other students.

From the Host Internship Supervisor:

  1. Mid-semester and
  2. Final evaluation forms.

Internship Forms and Procedures

Take the Letter, Data and Policy Sheets, and Mid-Semester and Final Evaluation Forms to your Host internship supervisor. Your internship supervisor fills out the Data sheet. You return the Data Sheet and the Confirmation Form to the Economics Department office, HW 1524, and the internship coordinator assigns a faculty member as your internship advisor. Your internship advisor will evaluate the mid-semester and final papers.