Preparing to Graduate: The Degree Audit

Graduation is not automatic: you must file a formal degree audit application and supply all appropriate documentation to the Office of the Registrar, Degree Audit Division. It is this office which makes the official decision as to whether you have satisfied all requirements, and its decision supersedes anything you may have been told by any other College official, including your Major department advisor. The role of your Major department advisor is only to certify that you have satisfied the requirements of the major and minor.

The degree audit application should be filed in the first two weeks of your last semester. However, the process of planning for graduation should begin two or preferably three semesters before you expect to graduate. The requirements for graduation are complex, and not always cut-and-dried. The situation is even more complicated for students who have transfer credits or courses taken on permit at an another institution which they wish to use to satisfy Hunter’s requirements. See the Registrar’s web site for official information about graduation requirements.

Following the steps outlined below should make the graduation process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Two, or better yet, three, semesters before you plan to graduate, see your major advisor to make sure you are on schedule for graduation with respect to your major and minor requirements.
  2. At least one semester before filing for graduation, obtain the Degree Audit instructions and forms from the registrar’s web site.
  3. At least one semester before filing for graduation, have a Distribution check done by the Office of Student Services. Save the worksheet from that session as a record of the advice you have received from the College.
  4. At the beginning of your last semester, fill out the Degree Audit Application Form, and obtain a copy of your transcript. Make copies of your transcript and the completed application for your files.
  5. Meet with your major advisor to review the application. Bring an up- to-date copy of your transcript to that meeting. If your advisor waives a requirement or allows you to substitute one course for another, be sure s/he attaches a signed letter to your application stating that this has been approved by the department. Do remember that your advisor is certifying only that you have completed the requirements for the Major and Minor, not that you have satisfied distribution, pluralism and diversity, or any other requirements the College may have set.
  6. That’s it! The department will submit your application and supporting documents to the Registrar. We will keep a copy of the completed application in case any questions arise.