8/1/19 The Department is excited to announce that four students have earned internships with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) for the Summer of 2019.  Congratulations to our students: Alexia Cox (SEC Intern), Aidana Razhap (SEC Intern), Peiyi Yuan (FASB Intern), and Eric Li (SEC Intern).  Their biographies are below:

Alexia Cox (SEC Intern)

Alexia Cox is one of the first Hunter College Accounting Majors to be selected to intern for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Student Honors Program. Throughout her college career, Alexia has held the position of Bookkeeping Intern, Finance Intern, Data Analyst Intern, and Tax Preparer for Hunter’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. In addition, Alexia has also participated in Hunter’s Gateway to Professional Accounting Success (GPAS) program and is an active sister of Epsilon Sigma Phi Sorority. While at the SEC, Alexia intends to expand her knowledge of accounting and economics and is grateful for the opportunity to represent Hunter College.

Aidana Razhap (SEC Intern)

Aidana is a BA/MA candidate at Hunter College, pursuing a degree in Economics with a focus on Mathematics and Environmental Sciences. This academic path is influenced by her ambition to contribute expertise in the area of macroeconomics and financial market strategy, gaining expertise in topics including the economic implications of financial markets. Collaborating with thought leaders at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Aidana is excited to examine the convergence of data technology and its implication on the U.S. economy and policy. With the benefit of this internship, she intends to expand her knowledge and continue to develop insights for shaping a progressive future.

Peiyi Yuan (FASB Intern)

Peiyi Yuan started her new position as Summer Intern with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), where she hopes to gain greater exposure in the “Big Data” area and expand her professional connections. Before applying for the position with FASB, she worked on XBRL research projects under the guidance of Professor Christine Tan including: analyzing company extensions, identifying incorrect company tagging and dimensional tagging, as well as reading XML instance documents. In addition, Peiyi completed her winter internship in assurance risk with Ernst and Young (EY) before starting with her new role with FASB. While in Hunter College, she was a participant of Gateway to Professional Accounting Success (GPAS) program, and she was one of the Dean’s list students.

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