Before You Visit

What to Bring:

  1. Your Hunter ID card and EMPL ID number.
  2. Your textbook and notes.
  3. A computer, if needed.
  4. Specific topics you want to cover and questions for our tutors.
  5. If you’re bringing an exam, bring an answer key.

Come prepared, knowing the topics you want to cover and which specific questions you have for our tutors. Coming unprepared is fine, but preparation is key to getting the most out of your tutoring session. Our tutors are better trained to address specific questions and follow the student’s lead.

What to Expect

Each of our tutors can help with any core course at any time. We ensure that our tutors are knowledgeable enough to help students in these courses with ease.

Each tutor can also help with certain electives. However, the material covered in elective courses depends heavily on who is teaching the course. Our tutors may not be familiar with the exact material from an elective taught by a professor they didn’t have, even if it’s the same course name. Please keep this in mind when you seek our tutors’ help with electives.

Instructors lay the foundation; tutors fill in the gaps. Tutoring is not teaching. Our tutors are not trained to lecture or introduce concepts that a student has never learned before. They are not a substitute for your instructor. Your instructor’s job is to teach you new material, while a tutor’s job is to assist you with the parts of the material that you have trouble applying, retaining, or understanding.

Our tutors cannot help you complete take-home exams or do your homework for you. Due to space constraints, the Tutoring Center can only accommodate those who are seeking tutoring and signing in for tutoring sessions. The Center is not a space to do your homework.

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