faculty_cebenoyanAssociate Professor

Ph.D. Accounting, University of Maryland, 1998
Fields:  Financial Accounting
Office:  HW 1521
Voice:  212-772-5393
Fax:     212-772-5398
Email: fcebenoy@hunter.cuny.edu


Professor Cebenoyan joined the department in the fall of 1999. She has held a C.P.A license (Maryland) since 1989. Her research focuses on the relevance of earnings, and other information derived from accounting numbers to firm’s valuation. Her current projects look at the firm valuation and accounting information (efficiency) in general, and within the context of forecasting and mergers. She also investigates the determinants of mergers and acquisitions in banking industry as well as the effects of regulatory changes on the acquisition incentives.

She has been the Director of the Accounting Program since 2009.


“Market Discipline in Banking: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies” (lead article) with S. Cebenoyan, International Review of Accounting, Banking and Finance, Volume 1 (2), 2009, pp. 1-17.

“Regulatory Regime Changes and Acquisition Attributes: The Case of Commercial Bank and Thrift Acquisitions of Thrifts” with S. Cebenoyan and E. Cooperman, Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting (formerly Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics), Volume 47 (1), 2008, pp. 27-52.

“Alternative Evidence on Analysts’ Use of Financial Statement Information” with D. Byard, Review of Accounting and Finance, Volume 6 (4), 2007, pp. 442-459.

“Managerial Cost Inefficiency and Takeovers of U.S. Thrifts” with S. Cebenoyan and E. Cooperman, Multinational Finance Journal, Volume 9(1&2), 2005, pp. 23-42.

“Ownership Structure, Operational inefficiency and Regulatory Reform: An Analysis of U.S. Thrifts” with S. Cebenoyan, E. Cooperman and C. Register, Research in Banking and Finance, Volume 5, Bank and Financial Market Efficiency: Global Perspectives, 2004, pp. 71-88.

Working Papers

“Do Women Executives Manage Risk Differently? Evidence from US Financial Institutions” with S. Cebenoyan, 2008.

“Effects of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) on Financial Institutions’ Conservatism in Financial reporting” with S. Cebenoyan, 2008.

“Subordinated Debt, Uninsured Deposits and Market Discipline” with S. Cebenoyan, 2007.

“Operational Efficiency and the Value-Relevance of Earnings”, 2005.


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