B.S. Program Advisement

Fall 2014 OFFICE HOURS BEGIN FIRST DAY OF CLASSES, Thursday, August 28, 2014

For all administrative advising questions (e.g., evaluation of transfer credits, trouble registering for a class, or graduation audit), students must see Dr. Kevin Sachs, the undergraduate accounting advisor during his advising hours. (See below.) No one else has access to the registration system or authorization to make these decisions.

The accounting advisor is also available for academic advising questions (e.g., when to take particular courses). In addition, your professors may answer your academic questions (and only your academic questions) during their office hours.

Advising is extremely busy during registration periods, so plan ahead. The advisor may be unable to deal with other issues during registration, no matter how pressing they are to you.  Clear up your transfer credit issues well in advance of registration.  You would also do well to get advice about course selection questions before the registration crunch starts.

Kevin Sachs
Undergraduate Accounting Advisor — Accounting
Office: HW 1548
Advising Hours: 11/11 4-7PM, 11/12 11-12PM, 11/18 4-7PM, 11/19 12-2PM, 11/25 4-7PM, 11/26 12-2PM, 12/2 4-7PM, 12/3 12-2PM, 12/9 4-7PM, 12/10 12-2PM


Vivette Ancona
Undergraduate Internship Advisor – Accounting
Office: HW 1539   Office Hours: M: 4-5PM By appointment via email
Advising Hours: W: 1:00-4:00PM By appointment. Open hours: 4:00-5:00PM

M.S. Program Advisement

Toshiaki Mitsudome

Graduate Advisor — Accounting
Office: HW 1549A
Advising Hours: Wednesdays:3:30-6:30PM, Additional advising hours:  Aug.28th 4-6pm, *September 3rd 4-6PM