Starting with the Fall of 2019, there are three major changes that will improve the B.S. in Accounting! A brief summary of these changes is below. If you have any questions, be sure to check with your Accounting Advisor at accugrad@hunter.cuny.edu or visit the advising page.

First, there are two courses that are now part of the Business Core: ECO 10000 Introduction to Economics and ACCP 47600 Computer Accounting Systems are required courses. ACCP 47600 now includes the topics of Big Data, Excel, and Stata programming to better help students gain technical skills to compete for jobs. The ECO 10000 course is an introduction to economics for a general audience, and it now functions as a survey of the field of economics, touching on diverse subjects such as International Trade, Long-Run Economic Growth, and the Economics of Ideas and Intellectual Property, just to name a few.

Second, the Business Elective Requirement has been updated because ACCP 47600 has switched from being a Business Elective to now being part of the Business Core.

Third, the Non-Professional studies math requirements have been clarified and offer additional choices, depending on each student’s situation. We have been working with the Math department to provide a calculus course that is truly designed for accounting majors. While students can still take MATH 150 toward fulfilling the major, they may now take MATH 152 – Calculus for Life and Social Sciences – instead. This course covers the basics of calculus but with an emphasis on topics that students tend to see more frequently in both economics and accounting.