Coming in the Fall of 2019, we have three big changes to the economics major that will make the major more enjoyable, easier to understand, and even more marketable!

First, we are requiring all economics majors to take ECO 100 – Introduction to Economics. This course will continue to function as an introduction to economics for a general audience, now function as a survey of the field of economics, touching on diverse subjects such as International Trade, Long-Run Economic Growth, and the Economics of Ideas and Intellectual Property, to name a few. But the course will now also serve as the gateway to economic reasoning with a firm foundation in Supply and Demand analysis, using real-world data to lend insight into economic problems.

Second, we are adding an optional capstone course, ECO 400, to majors who have completed any two of the three required intermediate courses ECO 300, 301, and 331. The capstone course will provide an integrated experience in which students conduct economic analysis using problem solving, data gathering and analysis, writing, and public presentation. Not only does this course provide a great way for students to apply all they have learned in the major, but it also gives students crucial practice in honing skills that are valuable in the job market.

Last, but not least, we have been working with the Math department to provide a calculus course that is truly designed for economics majors. While students can still take MATH 150 toward fulfilling the major, they may now take MATH 152 – Calculus for Life and Social Sciences – instead. This course covers the basics of calculus, but with an emphasis on those things that the students will see more frequently in economics.

For more details, or if you have questions, please contact an Economics Undergraduate advisor at or visit our advising page.