Students invited to the 2016 Population Association of America Conference

Economics students Abraham Gutman and Eden Volkov were invited to attend the 2016 Population Association of America conference in Washington, D.C., which took place from March 31-April 2. Accompanied by adjunct instructor Tamara Gurevich, the students had the opportunity to showcase their research and meet other graduate students, as well as researchers from the U.S. Census Bureau and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Ms. Volkov’s presentation was titled “Evaluating the Causal Impact of Health Insurance Access on the Labor Supply of Young Adults.” Using 2006-2015 Current Population Survey data, she leveraged the exogenous expansion of health insurance access to 19-25 year old young adults—as part of the youth coverage mandate under the Affordable Care Act—to perform an instrumental variables (IV) analysis of the effect of insurance access on labor supply. “I really enjoyed explaining my identification strategy and interacting with people that asked smart questions and made helpful suggestions as to how I can improve my work,” she said.

Mr. Gutman presented his paper titled “Analysis of Racial Bias in the Application of Physical Force by Police Officers in the New York City Stop-and-Frisk Program.” Gutman examined whether non-white pedestrians are more likely to be subjected to force by the stopping police officers compared to white pedestrians. Productive stops were distinguished from stops that did not result in an arrest or summons. Using data collected by the New York Police Department of stops between 2003 and 2012 and a multinomial logit regression model, Gutman estimated the effect of race on the probability of having force applied. “I had the best time during my presentation at PAA!” he said. “Every time someone asked if I’m a Ph.D. student, I was honored to say no, I’m a Hunter College B.A./M.A. This experience really solidified to me that I want to pursue academia and research.”

Ms. Gurevich presented her paper titled “The effects of internal migration on health of adults in Indonesia.” A graduate of the Hunter B.A./M.A. in Economics program, Gurevich is completing her Ph.D. in Economics at Stony Brook University.

Eden Volkov             Abraham Gutman